Wednesday, June 02, 2004

June 2, 2004
Well, this morning I put a whole bunch more rocks in the pond so I could add more water (to keep it cooler for the birds). I can now see the surface of the water from my office. The birds seem to be using it constantly, even on this very hot day with no particular shade at around noon. I hope the water continues to stay cool enough for them.

Latest updates: three days ago I saw a thrasher in front of the pond where I’ve been leaving sunflower seeds. He was repeatedly stabbing his beak into the ground, I guess getting leftover sunflower morsels. He came awfully close to the extension cord to the pump. I don’t know if he could actually penetrate it, but will look into repositioning it.

There are lots of begging babies around, mainly finches and cardinals. I’ve seen a cardinal baby visit the pond on his own, and a smaller one with its father. I first spotted this guy when I heard his little “whistling teakettle” cry and saw the adult flying off with a seed in his beak. Duh! The baby was perched in a mesquite a few yards behind the pond area, in the part of the yard that is really desert.

I miss mockingbirds. I seem to remember hearing one or more before we actually moved in, but haven’t seen or heard one since we’ve actually been here. I guess I’ll have to start putting out more fruit. I also miss the beautiful broad-billed hummingbirds, but perhaps eventually they will discover my pond. I have plenty of black-chins, and even some Anna’s. Got to work more on the hum habitat, though. There are LOTS of white-winged doves.

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