Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bird Singles Ads

Young, handsome male mockingbird, great territory, awesome song repertoire, able to leap into air and turn completely around while singing, seeks unattached female for nesting and egg-laying. Good insect-gleaning skills a plus.

Gorgeous unattached female cardinal seeks brilliant red male for flying along the beach, sharing seeds, and ....? Good territory a must, no cowbirds, please.

Strong, protective male Gambel's quail, beautiful markings and large topknot, seeks healthy female companion. Object: raising a very large family.

Exceptionally good-looking male Anna's hummingbird, brilliant red gorget, great flying skills, striking singing voice, seeks comely female for SLAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM.


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Hilarious, I love it.

  2. What a perfect way to learn about birds! Love it.