Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night I saw SEVEN birds head for the "dorm tree" out front. A few moments later a very large family group with at least eight half-grown chicks suddenly dropped onto the driveway in front from the air. I have no idea where they came from or why they were flying. They milled about a bit, then headed east to roost. I'm pretty sure they are roosting in the oleanders just north of our bedroom, but I can't see from inside the house.
    A bit more on the dorm tree. It is actually two trees: a Meyer lemon tree and an ornamental orange (or possibly a kumquat tree), which were for some reason planted right next to each other and have intertwined into one very large citrus tree. The two pictures show this: the size of the tree, and then the two kinds of fruit. You can see a Meyer lemon to the left toward the bottom of the picture.
    I will try to get more information on the large family group that may be roosting in the oleanders.


  1. How is it that it is so lush around your house? Are you spending thousands on your water bill? Wish I were there counting quail right now.


  2. Indeed, the color is spectacular. I am guessing the water is coming from monsoon. I think we have had out share of water in the East too. I do love how the birds hide so cleverly in the trees when they roost. Can't see a single one, but watch dozens go in there. The trees actually quake with their activity. This morning I was awakened by bird chirps. That is new for me. I wonder if a young family has moved into our back yard. Well, whoever's back yard that is out my window. Photos through screens are hard. I tried to take shots of the birds in Chile in cages, got just the cages. Beautiful, colorful birds unknown varieties.