Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tohono Chul Cacti

gorgeous saguaro 5-30-2009 4-03-19 PM 1620x2043

Tohono Chul is a prime example of beautiful Sonoran desert vegetation. The gorgeous saguaro above is just off the trail we followed to see the cereus. The white-wing on top of the saguaro is one of many, many species that live in or visit the park. During this trip I also saw an oriole and a nighthawk as well as dozens of normal desert birds.

Many cactus besides cereus bloom at sunset or at night. This is an evening-blooming staghorn cholla:

Evening-blooming staghorn blossoms 5-30-2009 3-53-16 PM 1660x1302

And below, a backlit teddybear cholla and its blossoms:

backlit teddy bear 5-30-2009 3-58-30 PM 1495x1382

Teddy blossoms 5-30-2009 3-59-21 PM 1147x1110

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