Friday, November 20, 2009

Furry mammals

head on bobcat 11-18-2009 6-15-43 AM 1051x1348 best whole body bobcat 11-18-2009 6-18-27 AM 2028x1494 good head shot 11-18-2009 6-20-35 AM 1031x1129

We had a lecture on mammals in Geezergarten this week, followed by a live demonstration of a captive bobcat by a wildlife rehabilitator. This cat was on leash, and spent a lot of time alternating between eating bits of chicken and growling. Sometimes it looked just like a regular house cat.

The rehabber told us that bobcats cannot be tamed, nor is this one tame. It has possible brain damage, which may be why it’s okay with being exhibited. They will not attack you. They have no feelings for people at all. They are WILD ANIMALS. But they sure are cute!


  1. Thanks for the tip. They are cute, but I'd hate to try and pet one and draw back a bloody stump!

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