Tuesday, December 06, 2011


We’re having strange weather—according to NOAA, the coldest start to December since they’ve been keeping records. There’s been a fair amount of rain and it’s been quite cold—January cold. A couple of mornings ago we had a fog attack. It was stunning—you couldn’t see farther than across the yard. backyard in fog 12-4-2011 8-31-49 AM 3616x2712 It was actually rather beautiful, though eerie: Sunflower in the fog 12-4-2011 8-30-55 AM 2405x2373

All the birds looked cold. Here are some quail. And by the way, there are still a couple of dozen of them roosting in the front yard. Even better, a mockingbird is still roosting with them—or at least does so sometimes. I watched him fly into the pyracantha the other night to join his bigger buddies.

quail and hoses in fog 12-4-2011 8-31-20 AM 2088x2113                   Quail in the fog 12-4-2011 8-31-27 AM 3616x2712


  1. Looks downright ethereal. Magical! Cold though.

  2. Looks like Tucson is having a Stieglitz kind of day too. NY sure is, but it is in the 60s. Go figure.