Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soggy Rove and Farewell to Leo

It rained gently for the start of my rove yesterday. There were a lot of birds out, including a beautiful, beautiful broad-billed hummingbird (he’s been there about a week). Not much else going on, except I saw an amazing pair of cactus wren nests on the North Trail.

fuzzy cactus wren nest 1 9-10-2012 9-34-41 AM 1797x1910  weird cactus wren nest entrance 9-10-2012 9-35-42 AM 2537x1715

They were amazing because they were covered with what appeared to be fiber-fill. Cactus wrens like to decorate their nests, and will use things like tinsel, yarn, cellophane, even Kleenex. So this wren must have found a pillow somewhere!

After the rove, the owner of Leo (The Snake in my Guest Room)  came over to pick him up. I will miss Leo, for sure. Here are a couple of pictures from his next-to-last day with me.

Leo, coiled 9-7-2012 1-07-20 PM 1497x1407         Leo, cave 9-7-2012 1-05-00 PM 1674x1517


  1. Leo really is beautiful. And the wren nests are amazingly funny. My yard has been full of birds today. Sparrows, doves, finches, quail. The hawk came by and sat in the tree a while before leaving disappointed that he didn't get lunch. I think bats are drinking the hummingbird juice in the night. Every morning it is empty, when it was only half empty the night before. And the frigging woodpecker is a thirsty guy. I do like how the hummers share the feeder in the rain. LOL

  2. The nectar bats will be around till early October. It's good to let them drink your nectar, though. One species is threatened; the other is endangered. They are GOOD, gentle bats with the job of pollinating agaves and saguaros. Someone is doing a study on mine this week. I have both species, but no idea whether you do too.

  3. Bye-bye, Leo! We hardly knew ye!

    1. Waaah! I need a kingsnake of my own. It's getting a little late in the year for another juvenile to come crawling along, but I'm thinking positive thoughts.