Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Psychedelic Fish, a Roadrunner Nest, and Baby Quail at Tohono Chul Park

We are in the late Spring/early Summer part of the year now—starting to get really hot, but with cool mornings. The wildflowers are mostly bloomed out, but the cactus blossoms more than make up for them. Here are a beautiful yellow trichocereus and some rosy-red staghorns:

Mrs. Roadrunner, her watchful eye visible here on her secret nest, has reportedly hatched three voracious babies.

The desert pupfish, an endangered species we keep, under the supervision of the Game & Fish Department, are enjoying the weather as their thoughts turn to love. The males become fluroescent-blue when they are ready to mate.

And here are a family of Gambel’s quails, foraging in one of our wildflower beds.


  1. How interesting how spring rolls out, one wave after another. If it all came at once, I suspect there's much we'd miss.