Friday, June 10, 2005

June 10, 2005
During the past two days, the little cardinal and Daddy have been around a lot. Yesterday afternoon, I saw TWO little cardinals, but Daddy turned out to be Mr. Pyrrhuloxia. So I'm not sure if I have a total of two or three. Probably it's two baby pyrrhuloxias and one baby cardinal. They're so much fun to watch, whatever they are.

I have some bison burgers that my cats won't eat, so yesterday I put some chunks out for the roadrunner. I don't know if s/he ate them, but they disappeared when I wasn't watching. Today I put out more. Just a few minutes ago, the roadrunner darted across the pond area, a limp lizard in its beak. I think it stopped and eyed the bison burger chunks... perhaps trying to decide whether to check them out. But then it hopped up on top of the fence and flew away. Maybe it will be back.

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