Tuesday, June 21, 2005

June 21, 2005
Well, yesterday was the longest day of the year, and also the hottest, at 110. Today the high was maybe 109. Very hot. Also very cloudy, with what one of the weathermen calls a "monsoon preview."

The little pond is getting a workout. Especially now that it is cloudy, critters have been flocking to it. A cottontail burrowed into the shallow depression the antelope squirrel had made in the shade beside the pomegranate tree pot. When I first looked, all I could see was one eye, one ear, a nose, and the cotton tail. A family of quail with four babies has been in the yard, drinking and scrounging for food. Antelope squirrel too, but he's been on the porch since the rabbit took his hole by the pot. Six very small fledgling finches were standing, panting, their teeny little wings out, underneath my chair on the porch. And a few minutes ago I saw an unidentifiable hummingbird hovering at the waterfall.

All these guys, when they go completely motionless, look just like rocks.

So much fun to watch! I'm so glad I have the pond!

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