Monday, March 09, 2009

Quail update

inside b & w room  Spring is definitely in the air. On our morning walks, and also by the pond, I’m seeing more and more quail in pairs or even singles, though there are still large groups, mostly at the quail block.  This morning I saw a group of maybe two dozen, with two males standing guard at opposite ends of the fence. Then later, saw a male and a female patrolling the brick wall above our rose garden. I think they were looking for a good nesting site.

Quails continue to roost in the dorm tree. I haven’t made a count in quite a while, but the other night I saw several heading for the tree over a half-hour period, when I happened to glance out. They get up in the morning somewhat after sunrise. Once I happened to watch as 8 to 12 flew OUT of the tree together.

I discovered that I can watch quail fly into the tree from inside the room behind the dorm tree. The picture is poor, but you can get an idea. The odd thing is that even though I can see them fly into the tree, as soon as they settle down they become invisible.

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  1. I see oranges, but no quail.