Saturday, April 18, 2009

Got lemons?

After giving away literally dozens of lemons from our two lemon trees (one, the dorm tree, is a Meyer lemon tree), and after removing untold more dozens of lemons that had fallen on the ground, and after having used a few dozen ourselves, we turned the trees (and a small orange tree) over to a harvester from The Community Food Bank. It took him about five hours, but he told us he took away nearly 350 pounds of fruit!

Got lemons 4-15-2009 10-33-34 AM 2200x1689

The tiny orange fruit remaining on the tree are NOT kumquats. I think they are ornamental oranges. They are too bitter to eat. They are actually on a second tree that is intertwined with the Meyer Lemon tree.


  1. Great picture and story KL!
    In another instance of synchronicity, I just experienced a wonderful desert made from Meyer lemons by my friend Katie Basquin. She loves them, and has to search the importers and farmers markets for them because they are hard to find here. I wish you could send a couple pounds to her!

  2. My mom froze all those lemons after juicing them. I left too soon to taste, but I am sure they were enjoyed by all. Thanks for growing so many!!