Friday, April 24, 2009

Hawk shield and Buddha

We put a hawk shield up a few days ago. It consists of a small frame with a roof of shadecloth. The quail block is underneath it. We were worried that the birds would no longer use the quail block, but they apparently love the shade.

I haven’t seen the hawk since we put the shield up, but that may be a coincidence. When startled, the birds all explode out from underneath the shelter. I am holding my breath to see what happens when the baby quail start arriving.

In the corner of the shelter, by the porch, I have placed a garden Buddha. Below are the view from my desk and a closeup of the Buddha.


Buddha 4-18-2009 8-49-51 AM 913x1574 Buddha from office 4-9-2009 8-24-34 AM 1640x1651

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