Sunday, June 14, 2009

rabbit and male quail 5-25-2009 6-30-51 AM 2304x1728
The hawk is still around, though not nearly as frequently as before we put the shelter up. The other afternoon it appeared twice. Once, all the doves and quail exploded out from under the shelter about ten seconds before the hawk appeared. The second time, same thing but not everyone got the message. A couple of quail and one rabbit were caught under the pomegranate tree. All three remained absolutely motionless. The hawk looked closely everywhere he could see, but apparently the birds and the rabbit were invisible to him. He flew off and the quail skedaddled, but the rabbit remained there for quite a while.
Above are a male quail and a rabbit that allowed me to photograph them a couple of mornings ago, and below is one of a number of babies that showed up with the daddy quail and his mate. This is the first time quail have actually appeared while I was out on the porch.
baby quail cu 5-25-2009 6-30-44 AM 540x538


  1. What happened to hawk-eyes?

  2. The baby quail are green?
    Is that protective coloring? Or is it just taking on the green of the surrounding?

  3. I have never seen green quail either. We like our quail brown and black, or tan or beige, whatever their normal hue is.