Thursday, June 04, 2009

More from Tohono Chul

Dorothy 5-30-2009 4-48-24 PM 2304x1728

The cereus are all over the park, but most of them are along a circular trail (maybe 3/4 of a mile long) that winds through desert hills and washes. The path was illuminated by luminarias, paper bags holding candles.

Many of the cereus have nameplates. The one above is named “Dorothy,” after a former girlfriend of the curator. He said it was not nepotism, as they are named after the person who finds them.

Before the buds fully open, they look like eggs or cotton bolls:


Younger buds look like bumps. I think there may be an immature bud on the end of one of the branches above.

More night blooms:

night-blooms 5-30-2009 5-02-07 PM 2304x1728

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  1. I wonder why they are more or less restrictied to that one area. Do you know how they spread?