Monday, March 05, 2012

More flowers!

So many things are blooming in the Park. Some wildflowers, some cultivated, some trees… everything and everywhere. Here are a few more:

Blackfoot daisies 3-3-2012 10-17-51 AM 1489x926 3-3-2012 10-17-51 AM 1489x926

This is blackfoot daisy, and it blooms practically all year, but looks best in spring.

Creosote blooms 3-3-2012 10-21-02 AM 781x1842

  On the left is creosote bush, with its delicate yellow flower.


Cape Aloe 3-3-2012 10-30-01 AM 2422x3320

And above is a South African plant, Cape Aloe

Gooding's Verbena 3-3-2012 10-28-55 AM 1007x1500          Western Wallflower 3-3-2012 10-27-51 AM 1008x2495   

Gooding’s Verbena and Western Wallflower, a sweet-smelling wild mustard

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