Friday, March 02, 2012

Spring has sprung

It is truly spring in the Sonoran Desert.  The Park is lush with flowers of every color.

Desert bluebells 2-29-2012 9-02-47 AM 2088x1813  Firecracker penstemon 2-29-2012 9-09-06 AM 3564x1660   Parry's penstemon 2-29-2012 9-02-33 AM 3460x2677


Birds are courting, building nests, mating, and in some cases raising young.  One Anna’s hummingbird nest in the parking lot has already produced two fledglings.  Another Anna’s nest has two ready to go.  The mother is running herself ragged providing insects for her babies.  The other day I saw a male Phainopepla  tenderly feeding a mistletoe berry to his beloved.

                                hummer! 2-29-2012 9-03-06 AM 3616x1395

         This male Costa’s hummingbird flew right into the picture while I was photographing some of the flowers!

Most exciting for me is the new Cooper's hawk nest in the riparian area. It looks like a very large pile of very large twigs—as if, said one of my fellow docents, it had been built by giant mourning doves.hawk nest1 2-29-2012 8-56-54 AM 2274x2591

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  1. LOVE penstamon, but ours aren't out yet. But finches are building a nest on the front porch so, yes, spring!