Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in the Sonoran Desert

It’s chilly here in the early morning—in the forties—so I have to bundle up for my rove at Tohono Chul Park. Below two cold, Christmasy sights:

6 Doves in an Agave 12-3-2012 8-59-23 AM 2904x2202

We have neither partridges nor pear trees at the Park, so how about six mourning doves in an agave?

As for snow on the ground, we don’t have that either, but on very cold days frost forms along the trails. Here’s a video of frost on a prickly pear skeleton, sublimating into the air as the sun begins to warm the desert floor.

Steaming cactus skeleton

Happy holidays to all my readers!


  1. It says the video is private. Probably cuz of the sex. But I will imagine how steamy it is.

  2. It's VERY steamy. I had the wrong privacy setting clicked. But it's probably too steamy for you anyway. :-)

  3. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Very funny. Your steamy sublimation showed well. Happy holidays to you. S

  4. I can almost imagine the pears hanging from the agave!

    Cool video too. I don't usually get up early enough to witness things like that!

    1. Thanks, Carol! I can see the pears too, in my mind's eye. And I always get up early, but that's the first time I saw frost sublimating.

  5. All our frost has been subliminal this season (so far).