Thursday, January 24, 2013

Desert Skies

After record-breaking low temperatures last week (in the high teens), yesterday we broke the record high (low eighties). And today it’s cloudy and mild. The sky has been spectacular. Here are a few sky shots, including one from Sabino Canyon last Sunday:

Sabino Blue Sky 1-20-2013 1-00-32 PM 2048x1235

And from various locations in my yard:

backyard sunset 1-20-2013 5-44-33 PM 3236x1536

Saguaro sunset 1-20-2013 5-54-52 PM 2048x1536

pink mountains 1-20-2013 5-47-15 PM 2033x784

front yard sunset 1-20-2013 5-58-56 PM 1939x1144


  1. Beautiful photos, as always! I love that blue sky!

  2. Thanks! I love the blue too. It was almost unbelievably blue last weekend.

  3. PRETTY! I noticed how blue the sky was the other day too! It was definitely different than the usual blue!

    1. We're so lucky to have such beautiful skies here.