Friday, February 01, 2013

Desert Clouds

Although our skies are often dramatic, it is unusual for a Tucson day to actually be cloudy, especially in the morning. Such a day occurred on my last rove. When I arrived at Tohono Chul Park at 8 AM, the sky was churning with clouds. It had rained over the weekend, and everything smelled damp and delicious. The cold, moist air seemed literally to caress my skin as I walked along the Desert View Trail, watching and listening to birds and looking for jackrabbits.

morning clouds 1-28-2013 8-06-56 AM 3264x2448

Evidence of the weekend’s rain could be seen all along the trail.

Damp trail 1-28-2013 8-08-23 AM 2590x1088

desert trail panorama 1-28-2013 8-09-17 AM 7616x2332

As I neared the end of the trail the clouds closed in and I could see only a tiny dot of blue sky.

A dot of blue 1-28-2013 8-17-25 AM 2448x3264

Just after I left the Park, the clouds opened up and it began to pour, a surprise for mid-January.


  1. Change is good! The clouds make a nice juxtaposition to the previous blue sky post!

    1. That was the whole idea! Thanks for noticing!

  2. And today the sun shines bright. Love both clouds and the sun. And I especially love the play they both make on the mountains. Yesterday as I was coming home and there was only an overcast sky and no sunshine, I noticed how two-dimensional the mountains looked. Still interesting and always beautiful.

    1. Yes, the darkness changes the perspective. The mouth of Pima Canyon was clogged with clouds, and I got a few pictures of that, but there was no way to tell what you were looking at, so I didn't post them.