Monday, March 18, 2013

My first day of Spring

I have had to be away from Tohono Chul Park for nine days. In my absence, spring arrived. The flowers are flowering, and the birds are nesting. The desert tortoises have emerged from their dens.  It is beautiful and thrilling. Best of all, the first white-winged dove of the year  arrived today, though I did not get a photo.

PenstemonMystery penstemon 3-18-2013 8-44-53 AM 1789x847

Mexican honeysuckle                                   Texas Mountain Laurel

Mexican honeysuckle 3-18-2013 8-31-50 AM 1660x1338             TX Mountain Laurel 3-18-2013 8-50-28 AM 2437x1652

Bluebells and gold poppies in the Cactus CircleBluebells and Gold poppies in the cactus circle 3-18-2013 8-34-10 AM 3616x2212

Desert Tortoise                                            Cooper’s Hawk Nest

Desert Tortoise 3-18-2013 8-39-40 AM 2580x2148             2013 hawk nest 3-18-2013 8-54-59 AM 3375x2666Genius MODO 2013 3-18-2013 8-51-28 AM 2057x2693

Mourning dove nest in a yucca, and, below, a verdin building a nest

Verdin working on a nest



  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    What a wonderful morning to return. Sue

  2. Yes, it was perfect! Thanks!

  3. Ah, Spring! I love those bluebells juxtaposed with the cactus.

  4. I love the video of the verdun working on its nest! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    1. Thanks for commenting! There are several verdin nests under construction in the parts of the Park where I usually hang out. It's always so much fun to watch.