Monday, July 08, 2013

Morning After Bloom Night 2013

I have written frequently about Bloom Night, the one night during the year when most of the hundreds of night-blooming cereus at Tohono Chul Park bloom in unison. This event can only be predicted at the last minute,though it almost always occurs during the monsoon.

I did not work the event last night, but went to my Rove very early this morning, when the Park had been opened to visitors who had not been able to attend last night. Many of the blossoms were still open, and even those that had closed still had a lovely scent. These are some of the things the visitors and I saw:

N Trail Lums 7-8-2013 7-53-23 AM 2867x1782

Luminarias (paper bags, containing a candle and weighted with sand), marking the trails where the cereus blooms were concentrated

4 pink cer 7-8-2013 8-00-29 AM 1184x2051

Four lovely pink cereus blooms.

Emerald 7-8-2013 8-04-22 AM 1993x1082

Partially closed blooms from Emerald, which still has about ten unopened buds.

2 bright white 7-8-2013 8-12-23 AM 1817x1902

Two amazingly open bright white cereus that had apparently not received the message that it was daytime and already over 90 degrees

PR Cereus 7-8-2013 7-52-00 AM 1697x963

In the center of the Park, a Puerto Rican cereus of a different species, which also (and coincidentally) decided to bloom last night


  1. Somehow I had recalled the cereus to be more barrelish in morphology. Lovely blooms, nevertheless.

    1. No; its morphology is exceedingly stickish.