Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Wood Duck

For a few years the only item on my bucket list was to see a male wood duck in person. A couple of weeks ago I fulfilled my dream and saw and photographed a very calm wood duck on a pond in a nearby park. I have no idea what he was doing there, but I’m so glad to have met him! I can’t imagine a more beautiful bird, even though he is not native to the Sonoran Desert. Here are four views of my wood duck, including the rear view below that shows off his beautiful purple mullet.

Wood duck mullet

Wood Duck Head 1 7-15-2013 2-08-36 PM 4608x3456 7-15-2013 2-08-36 PM 1944x2182

Wood duck Sit 1 7-15-2013 2-06-31 PM 4608x3456 7-15-2013 2-06-31 PM 1974x1179

Wood duck whole 7-15-2013 2-09-11 PM 2575x1716

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  1. . . . "no idea what he was doing there"?? Showing off, obviously. And rockin' the mullet.

    1. The pond he hangs out in is devoted to toy motorboats operated by old men with too much time on their hands. But it is downhill from the local Animal Control shelter, and volunteer dogwalkers put bread in their pockets for the ducks before heading down the hill.

  2. I was just told that since wood ducks are regular (if not particularly common) visitors to southeast Arizona they needn't be considered non-native. That makes me love this colorful little guy even more!