Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Saguaro Globe and Those Crazy Finches

The beautiful large saguaro at the end of our driveway has sprouted a perfectly round globe on the top of one of its arms. It will be interesting to see if it becomes oblong, and if it flowers.

globe1 3-23-2014 8-28-59 AM 1057x2018

In the meantime, perhaps knowing that I am fascinated by nests, a pair of house finches has been spending the last two days trying to build a nest on the rear spoiler of my car. No matter how often I remove their nesting materials, they replace them. They are using mostly creosote and Texas ranger. Here is what it looked like this morning:

nesting material 3-23-2014 8-25-52 AM 3222x1370

This afternoon, they had amassed the pile into a much more nestlike structure:

More nestlike 3-23-2014 2-20-49 PM 2642x2189

I will of course remove this as well, and I do need the car to go to Tohono Chul Park tomorrow. I wonder when they will give up? Or will I have to give up driving?


  1. I would be interested to hear what happens if you simply park the car somewhere else. would they follow?

    1. I don't think so, but when I got home from the Park today the female was sitting in a bush right next to the driveway, and I could swear she glared at me.

  2. Oh, dear! I hate when that happens! I hope they find somewhere better to nest!

    1. I've seen something similar in the hummingbird aviary at the Desert Museum. They seem to get fixated on one spot and can't seem to flex.