Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trichocereus Mass Bloom

The trichocereus is in my opinion the most beautiful of all the cactus flowers. Usually, one or two cacti will bloom at a time, but yesterday  I saw a mass bloom of dozens of tricho’s in a garden at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It was so stunning it took my breath away. I’ve already posted these photos elsewhere, but thought I’d give everyone a chance to look at them.

 Tricho G 4-29-2014 9-52-50 AM 3264x1942

TrichoD 4-29-2014 9-53-06 AM 2253x1880

TrichoC 4-29-2014 9-53-21 AM 3264x1529

TrichoB 4-29-2014 9-53-27 AM 1769x915

TrichoA 4-29-2014 9-53-34 AM 1828x2018


  1. That is just drop dead gorgeous (though at first I thought it said 'triceratops').

    1. Triceratops would be way cooler, but probably not as beautiful.