Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sometimes called “flying saucers,” these amazing cactus blooms can be literally the size of a dinner plate. The colors are so bright they can be very hard to photograph. The cactus itself is South American, but it does very well in Tucson. They bloom for one night, then rest, then bloom again one or more times. The larger they get the more blooms they produce.

All the “trichos” below are in various gardens at Tohono Chul Park, except for the last photo, which shows the tricho I bought last year.

Yellow tricho 4-22-2013 9-16-49 AM 1318x1453

Pink tricho 4-22-2013 9-05-32 AM 3616x2712

Trichocereus CU


trichocereus explosion 4-29-2010 9-39-33 AM 2712x3616



  1. Those are gorgeous! And huge! No wonder they have to rest between blooms.

    1. Some of them are smaller, but they're all spectacular, even the white ones.

  2. Glorious! Is there season for 2013 past?

  3. They bloom at various times all summer. Mine has four buds, but no blooms yet. You can buy one at the TCP greenhouse, probably with buds ready to go.