Monday, June 03, 2013

As The Egg Turns, Part Two

A few weeks ago, my Internet buddy in South Carolina, G.H. Curminion, wrote a guest post about the Canada goose nest just outside his office. For a few scary days, it looked as if some predatory crows might attack the nest, but the goose parents remained vigilant. Here is G.H.’s follow-up, illustrated with his excellent photographs.

I don’t know about the eggs. She keeps turning them regularly. Maybe she feels something stirring. Someone here said one of the eggs had a finger–sized hole in it late yesterday and was oozing liquid. Mama is still nesting, but her wings are a bit spread out, so maybe something is going on under there.

Proud mama one babySomething was definitely going on!

She stood up – three chicks!

Mama stands up

Looks like two eggs didn’t hatch. 

 The whole family, 2 eggs

Aaaaand . . . within a couple hours they started to graze and wander off.

Happy family2

G.H. tells me that “our” goose family has stopped by the nest once or twice since the babies hatched. It’s so nice to read a story with a happy ending.

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