Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Tour of My Bird Garden

I have frequently written about my small Bird Garden, which is just across the porch outside my glass office doors. It is a smallish, fenced-off area that was originally a dog run without anything growing except for a sickly juniper tree. Over the years I have transformed it into a lovely and inviting spot for local and occasional migrating birds, as well as rabbits, squirrels, mice and probably other critters. It is always changing, but here are some of the things you can see these days.

rabbit and male quail 5-25-2009 6-30-51 AM 2304x1728Quail block, with cottontail and male Gambel’s quail.

cards feeder bottlebrush 4-11-2013 8-20-42 AM 2475x2414   Cardinal feeder, pomegranates, and

                        Pom CU1 8-30-2011 6-15-59 AM 1107x1095 Garden Buddha


Pom4 8-30-2011 6-17-04 AM 3586x2260My beautiful pomegranate tree in the early dawn.

Feeders and grapefruit 6-26-2013 1-48-19 PM 3616x2712Here you see the suet feeder (left), and the finch feeder (center) over the grapefruit tree.

pond yerba mansa 6-26-2013 1-48-54 PM 2040x1453A nonfunctional turtle fountain guards the algae and yerba mansa in the small pond.

mesquite, saguaro, palo verde 6-26-2013 1-48-37 PM 2854x2577In the back of the garden, I have a young mesquite, and just outside a palo verde and saguaro

shade garden 1 8-4-2010 11-12-23 AM 3616x2712My shade garden, on the porch. The gate opens into the bird garden.

Study in snow with grapefruit 2-20-2013 6-06-36 PM 3616x2712And here is the garden on Feb. 20 of this year, during the Great Tucson Blizzard.


  1. That's quite a lovely spread you have. I really like the shade garden -- it's so inviting!

    1. Thanks. I've been working on it a long time. And it all changes--a lot.

  2. I have never seen pomegranates growing in a tree - wow, beautiful.