Sunday, June 23, 2013

Name That Bird! Sunday Nature Quiz #2

The Sunday Nature Quiz.  What are the names of these desert birds? (And I mean species names—not  Harry, Gwendolyn, and Marissa).

Bird A:

. Lesser Goldfinch

Bird B:

Gambel's Quail

Bird C:

Gorgeous Costa CU-001

Bird D:

White-winged dove CU 6-27-2011 8-31-41 AM 1901x2105

Bird E:

Curve Billed Thrashers

Bird F:

VerdinCU 2-20-2004 1-21-30 AM 2048x1536


A. Lesser goldfinch

B. Gambel’s Quail

C. Costa’s Hummingbird

D. White-winged dove

E. Curve-billed thrasher

F. Verdin


0-2  You’ve never been to the Sonoran desert, right?

3-4  Not bad—for a snowbird.

5-6  Either you’re a native—or you wish you were.

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