Saturday, June 08, 2013

More Art in the Park

In my previous post on art at Tohono Chul Park, I discussed some of my favorite pieces that not only look good, but are functional. Today I’d like to show you some of the many, many (some might say TOO many) strictly decorative pieces found throughout the grounds.

horse 1 3-26-2011 8-49-39 AM 3616x2712

Horse statue in the Cactus Circle. This stunning horse, which was donated to the Park by a patron, is by the Kenyan artist Kioko Mwitiki, who works exclusively with scrap metal, recycling what many of us would consider trash into beautiful art. .

coyote sculpture 4-27-2013 8-49-56 AM 3616x2712

Coyote Sculpture. This pensive young coyote poses on a wall behind the Spring wildflower section of the Five Seasons Garden.

motorcycle vulture 4-29-2013 9-36-19 AM 971x1980other vulture 4-29-2013 9-35-37 AM 1956x1569

These two vultures, also by Kioko Mwitiki, are very popular with visitors to the Sundial Plaza.

hummingbird flight 4-27-2013 9-17-23 AM 3302x2675

One of several abstract sculptures in our gardens, this piece rather nicely depicts hummingbird flight.

rust hawk 4-29-2013 9-42-14 AM 3232x2596

This semi-abstract rusty hawk keeps a yellow eye on visitors on the path behind the Five Seasons Garden.

metal flower cu2 4-27-2013 8-49-07 AM 2751x2689  Metal flower cu 4-27-2013 8-48-39 AM 2478x2559

metal flowers 4-27-2013 8-48-20 AM 3616x2712

These abstract metal flowers, whose colors change with the sky, are planted in the Winter section of the Five Seasons Garden.


  1. That's . . . a lot of art. How big is the Park? They rarely show up in your photos.

    1. The Park is 49 acres. Large swaths of it have no art at all, thankfully.