Monday, September 10, 2007

Before I return to my obsession with quail, I must thank Aiyana, who posts as "no rain," and who pointed out that my hedgehog cactus blooms are actually pincushion cactus blooms; that is, from Mammillaria genus rather than from Echinocereus genus. I definitely need to learn my cacti better. I do, however, know that cholla and prickly pear are from the same genus, Opuntia.

Quail. I've been watching just about every night. The family of five is always the last group up in the tree. The children are now nearly full grown. I just love to watch any quail get ready to fly up to roost. First they gaze up at the tree as if gathering determination. Then they do a deep squat, and then they jump into the air with their little wings propellering. I could watch that for hours, but it actually only takes a few seconds.

Today's pictures: Some Opuntia blossoms, from this year's cholla crop. I have NO IDEA what kind of cholla this is, except it is not a teddy bear cholla. I think it might be staghorn. And a picture of one of our Texas Ranger shrubs, right after the rains made it bloom.

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  1. More stunning plants. The ranger looks fab. I remember we had those in our house on 30th. I always love any purple flowers. Gotta go get some acupuncture--on teddy bear cactus needles--and Les got us tix for the Bubbles memorial, so I am going there today too. Fall has hit us in the impending cold way. I envy YOU your rains, buat not NOLA's. Love the quails right along with you. Photos please. Can't you just wear your camera all the time. ;-)