Friday, September 28, 2007

Last night I set up my chair at the edge of the porch, with the door open, hoping to be able to photograph the quails. But by the time they roosted it was way too dark and all I got was pictures of dark grainy things. I do, however, have a nice picture of the front yard of sunset (above).

When I closed the front screen I scared the pee-waddin' out of at least two quail, who exploded out of the tree. I hope they didn't hurt themselves. We are having a party tomorrow night beginning about roosting time. I'm a little worried that one of my babies will get run over, but probably they'll be okay.

The second photo is from this morning: it's two (well, really 1 1/2) of our cats enthralled by a very tiny collared lizard on the outside windowsill of our "cat window."


  1. Wow, KL! That picture of your front yard is fantastic. The colors are rich and vibrant.

    The back of the necks of your two cats are very expressive.

  2. Love this one!! The lizard view is hysterical. And your yard does look gorgeous. Guess it's time to get a spotlight for the front yard. That's the only way to get photos at night. ;-) It is nearing Halloween, so there is still the quail suit idea out there. Of course, your stories do paint a picture so I can be amused by the events even if I can't see them. I am off to Long Island. Perhaps I will see a bird or two out there. I am going to have to cheer for the Baby Backs it seems. My Yanks got attacked by Canadian soldier flying ants last night. The Horror!! So if we don't win the next three I can say "Blame Canada."