Saturday, September 01, 2007

Good news! All my baby quails are fine. I have watched the family group the last two nights: Mom, Dad, and three college-age kids (two female, one male). There is also another group of four, all adults, three males and one female. I'm assuming they are also a family group.

They all sleep up in the tree, but when they try to go up there at the same time there's always a lot of squabbling both before and after. The father of three seems to be the alpha male.

Here's another quail picture, of a VERY YOUNG quail.


  1. Cute quail. hahahaha

    I never got to see the robin's eggs in the nest in Seattle, just the parents guarding them, then the empty nest when the seagulls got them--leaving their feather calling cards. ;-(

  2. SecretMargo12:09 AM

    It can be hard for young models to get comfortable enough in front of the camera to break out of their shells.