Sunday, September 07, 2008

A quickie, before I forget. Most cacti bloom late spring (prickly pear) or early summer (sahuaros). For some reason barrel cacti bloom in the late summer. We have lots of barrels on our property, including the beautiful golden barrels, which I have never seen in flower.

These pics are of two barrels just east of our driveway. There are others with somewhat different colors, but all are shades of yellow, orange, and red.


  1. Beautiful! I'm afraid we're past the season for everything back east. Maybe some roses when it cools in the fall. I love cacti . . .

  2. Also stunning. I got no flowers. I got no plants at all really. But then I live in a concrete jungle. The traffic islands have flowers for me to enjoy. What will be in bloom in late October when I come to visit?

  3. Nice to see you have a good eye for the beautiful flora as well as the winged fauna that bless your property in paradise. Thanks for the color!