Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update on the quail roosting in my tree:

Last night I watched two sets of four quail approach the tree, but as I wasn't on the porch couldn't tell if they roosted in it. I thought they were my regular quail. A few minutes later I moved out onto the porch, and lo and behold, along came another two sets of four each! These were my regular quail.

First, two pairs of male and female. They are always together, so so I think it's a set of parents and their two mostly-grown offspring. The next set of four sometimes come along a few minutes later, though last night they were right on the heels of the first guys. These are definitely a family of four. I haven't yet gotten a close enough look to determine the genders of the chicks.

So... it's possible I have sixteen quail roosting in my tree! This is a lot of quail for one tree, or so it seems to me. I know that the later roosters always get into vocal squabbles with whoever is there first. Sometimes one or more quail jump out of the tree and run around on the ground for a while before re-roosting. Also something I just noticed fairly recently is that a lot of quail delay going to roost until they have had a chance to take a dust bath. Maybe it keeps them from being itchy all night.

I have no new quail pictures, so the above is another shot from Agua Caliente Park.

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