Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two things: First, this is another beautiful cactus flower from our front yard. The cactus itself is spherical--about the size and shape of a very large canteloupe. I looked through my nature books and did some Internet research, but couldn't identify it. I think it may be a gymnocalycium or possibly a mammalaria, but I haven't seen other striped flowers like this.  WILL ANYONE READING THIS WHO KNOWS THE ID PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE.

Second: I haven't seen the family of ten quails lately--they head next door really early. But I think I know where they are roosting. Our neighbors invited us over to tell us they are moving. I noticed that they have two tall and very thick evergreens beside the front door. A family of ten could slip right into either tree and disappear in a minute.


  1. Could it be the candy barrel cactus?

  2. Sorry, can't help. But I WAS going to say it looks like candy . . .