Thursday, October 08, 2009


I’m going back to school. Yesterday was my first day studying to be a docent at Tohono Chul Park (, a beautiful desert botanical garden near where we live.

The training is very rigorous and time consuming—basically all day Wednesday and a few hours the rest of the week. Yesterday was my first day, and it was so much fun! I learned a few interesting things, including the fact that international taxonomy rules have changed quite a lot since I last studied zoology in the sixties. These days some experts think birds (Aves) should be a subdivision of snakes (Reptilia). I partly like that, since it acknowledges that birds descended from dinosaurs, but I also think it disses birds.

In other news… Sundial 10-7-2009 7-31-07 AM 2304x1728 Cement horned toad 10-7-2009 5-33-31 AM 1575x772 Education garden 10-7-2009 5-34-05 AM 2304x1728 the Docent Emperor told me that the reason I saw no pack rat nests is that they live-trap and kill all packrats they find in the park. I understand, but am a little creeped out.  Above, pictures from gardens near the education center, including a cement horned toad and a very elaborate sundial.


  1. Very exciting! Keep us posted on the seasonal changes at the park.

    Why is the sundial in the shade?

  2. Maybe we should meet there for breakfast one day while I'm in town. I never had time to really look around last time.