Friday, October 23, 2009

More from Geezergarten

At lunchtime, I took this photo of a very small desert spiny lizard sunning himself. He has such great protective coloration that you may not be able to see him:Where's the lizard 10-21-2009 5-21-05 AM 1817x1340

I also photographed a very calm male Costa’s hummingbird that allowed me to point my camera within a few inches of him:

Gorgeous Costa CU

I also got a photo of a crestate barrel cactus. The crest at the top is the result of a genetic mutation.

Crestate Barrel 10-17-2009 2-22-04 AM 1406x1459

Quick quail update: a cold front blew through two nights ago. Just at sunset I heard a big racket from the front yard and looked out to see about twenty quail  squabbling and chasing each other. Eventually they all started flying into the tree, flying out, flying into the pyracantha bush, flying out. I assume they got it all sorted out, but I didn’t see how and I didn’t get a head count.


  1. Thank you again, KL!
    I love that picture of the Costa's hummingbird!

  2. Your Costa is so calm and colorful. I took a picture of the same Costa and it looks ruffled and berzerk.