Friday, October 16, 2009

Tohono Chul Critters

I have attended presentations about reptiles and a captive Harris Hawk (rehabilitated, but can’t be released to the wild). Here is the hawk, Sueno:

Sueno closeup 10-14-2009 4-56-09 AM 2304x1728 Sueno on Glove 10-14-2009 4-54-35 AM 1099x1659 She is a gorgeous bird.

The snake below is a hognosed snake, the one that plays dead by lying on its back:

Hognosed snake 10-9-2009 3-24-50 AM 2304x1728

…and a coach-whip snake. The coach-whip can grow to be nine feet long, and is fast-moving, with bubble-gum pink coloration:

Coach-whip CU 10-9-2009 3-29-35 AM 711x399

And finally, a molting Gila monster, the only venomous lizard:

Molting Gila Monster 10-9-2009 3-46-09 AM 1603x714


  1. Oh, I can't wait until you have to show snakes off to visitors to the park. I vaguely recall you leaving the room when we passed our snakes around. See you next week.

  2. What's the story with the hawk? Too injured? Rehabilitated sounds like it's served it's sentence. Where's the justice??