Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring this and that

We have a new five seasons garden at Tohono Chul Park. These lovely flowers are in the Spring Garden:spring garden wildflowers 3-15-2010 8-22-02 AM 3616x2712
The pink ones are penstemons, tiny trumpet flowers. We have some at home. The other evening I watched (through the living room window) as a hummingbird worked the penstemons methodically, going from flower to flower, top to bottom of one stalk, then moving to the next stalk, bottom to top, and so on.
That same evening I watched the quails gather to roost… quite of lot of them. But then I got distracted by a bobcat in the yard. It just wandered around a little then headed for the wash in back of the house. I was thinking the quails didn’t seem too disturbed… until they started to fly out of the palo verde trees where they’d taken refuge.
Finally, the baby hummer raised by the mama (a Costa’s, I have had confirmed) in a previous post, has flown the nest. But I got his/her picture before he left:
Baby hum 3-22-2010 11-08-31 AM 975x803


  1. There's more excitement in your backyard than my whole county! Our penstemon aren't out yet. Everything is slow this year, due to the cold I suppose. Forsythia are in full bloom (usually a February event) and the dogwoods are just starting to "flower." That's usually an early March event.

  2. Ref. your title: I guess "Spring and all" was taken.