Sunday, April 04, 2010

Catalina State Park

More wildflowers! And a sex-crazed goldfinch! First, the wildflowers. Yesterday we went hiking in Catalina State Park, just on the other side of Pusch Ridge. About a mile and a half in and up a ridge, the hills are densely covered with poppies, lupine, and lots of other flowers:
Blue and Gold symphony 4-3-2010 11-45-50 AM 3414x2237
The crazed goldfinch is one I snapped in the parking lot at Tohono Chul. He was repeatedly attacking his own reflection in the rear-view mirror of a truck:
crazed goldfinch 3-25-2010 9-08-59 AM 3616x2712
In other news… doves and quail are pretty much all mated up and either nesting or looking to nest. I love the spring!

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    Wait a minute . . . I've SEEN that picture!