Monday, April 16, 2012

A beautiful April day at Tohono Chul Park

It’s getting warm, but everything at the Park is so beautiful. Baby birds, nests, young squirrel families, and flowers everywhere you look: wildflowers, flowering trees, cactus flowers…. you can’t help but smile.

                         New hummer mom

Newhum mom 3-27-2012 9-45-59 AM 1107x891Ocotillo blossoms

ocotillo 4-16-2012 8-58-08 AM 3616x1982 Perezia and Passionflower

Paresia, or brown foot 4-16-2012 9-25-31 AM 1484x1900Passion Flower 4-16-2012 10-45-08 AM 2118x1961DSCF1698Raspberry TrichocereusRose-colored prickly pear bud 4-16-2012 9-26-09 AM 2596x2247Rose-colored prickly pear budStaghorn cholla buds 4-16-2012 10-09-20 AM 3616x2712Staghorn Cholla blooms


  1. For such a wicked cactus, the ocotillo sure has magnificent blooms! Thanks for sharing all these. The passionflower is exquisite!

  2. I hope to see the desert in spring someday. Thanks for these images.
    Blogathon writer, Van

  3. Thanks for your comment, Van. March and April are good times to visit.