Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nearly Summer!

We’re two days from May, and summer is nearly here. The days are starting much earlier—it’s light enough to see by 5 AM, light enough to walk by 5:30. The days are hot—we’ve already had two days in the low 100’s—and the mornings are still cool, though that will change in a very few weeks. The palo verdes are still blooming, but most of the spring flowers are on their way out, except for the cactus blossoms, which are just getting underway. I know that summer means stifling heat, swarms of bugs, scorpions and so on, but I LOVE IT. In my opinion, summer is the whole point of Tucson.

I’m slowly resuming my walking schedule of doing a couple of miles around the neighborhood. This morning I saw a ladderback woodpecker and heard a road runner make a call I’ve heard often in the Park but wasn’t able to identify. But now I can. Here is a picture of a beautiful road runner from the Park.

beep beep 10-18-2010 8-18-15 AM 3616x2712


  1. Yeah, I have to learn to get up to walk at 5:30 too. My brother warned me. Didn't happen today.

  2. Speaking of ladderbacks, I saw what I think was a ladderback sapsucker this weekend. Or maybe a downy woodpecker. Didn't have much time to check details.