Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dove Love, Competition, and Flowers

I wish I could invite everyone who reads this to come over to my house and look at the birds and flowers in the yard. Even though some of the flowers are past peak, it’s still amazingly gorgeous.

I’ve been worried about the white-winged dove female who has nested in the carport and raised several broods the last few years. I had seen her in the nesting spot several times, but no sign of a nest. This morning I heard white-winged doves calling, and when I looked up at the pillar where she nests, I saw her and a male dove evidently just completing copulation. She was all fluffed-out and shuddery, as I’ve seen female doves after sex. Anyway, no signs yet of a nest, but I now feel they will build it soon.

White wing mama and one baby

White-winged mama and one baby from last year.

Back in the bird garden, a pair of pyrrhuloxias and a pair of cardinals squabbled over the sunflower seed feeder. It was also  visited by a thrasher and a cactus wren who shoveled seeds out as fast as it could for future eating.

cards feeder bottlebrush 4-11-2013 8-20-42 AM 2475x2414

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, at the seed feeder. The bottlebrush blossoms are so thick they have pulled several stems down to the ground.

Elsewhere, in the back and front yards, everything is blooming and beautiful.

Cleveland Sage 4-11-2013 7-58-37 AM 1736x1343

Cleveland Sage in the back yard; this plant has the most heavenly scent in the world.

Hawthorne bush 4-11-2013 7-59-06 AM 1849x1709

Hawthorne blossoms. This bush came with the house.

creosote blooms 4-11-2013 8-05-45 AM 3264x2448 brittlebush mailbox 4-11-2013 8-01-40 AM 1892x2189

Creosote in the front yard and brittlebush at the mailbox

Ocotillo 4-11-2013 8-03-46 AM 2448x3264

And ocotillo in the driveway.


  1. Spring is just abustin' out all over! Our Carolina wrens do a lot of shoveling too, but I assumed it was because they were looking for bugs.

    1. Bugs! Maybe that's what the cactus wren was after. I never or seldom see them eating seeds. Or maybe it just wanted to make trouble. They are kind of ornery.

  2. I have to sweep the sidewalk every day cuz the birds are digging for bugs. But I do love seeing the white-wings back again. My dove babies flew the carport, but maybe a white wing will nest there soon.

    1. Probably whoever raised the babies (most likely a Mourning Dove) will re-nest there. They like to reuse sites that have produced results.