Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Late-spring Rove at Tohono Chul Park

No matter what the time of year, there is always beauty at the Park. This is one of the best times, because in addition to flowers, birds are still courting and nesting. Below is a Bell’s vireo in its nest high up in a Texas ebony tree (photo courtesy of my roving buddy, Sue Feyrer). This wonderful nest is an intricately woven and decorated hanging basket. The other pictures show some of our amazing late-spring blooms.

vireo in nest

Blue paloverde in bloom 4-15-2013 9-42-16 AM 1882x2027        The glory of Sonoran spring: a blue palo verde in bloom

Remarkable Penstemon 4-15-2013 10-50-50 AM 2982x2564Remarkable Penstemon (that’s its name!)

 blooming yucca 4-15-2013 10-18-15 AM 3616x2712Blooming yucca

Mexican bird of paradise 4-15-2013 10-35-48 AM 1821x1624Mexican Bird of Paradise

red prickly pear 4-15-2013 9-50-40 AM 1313x1171Red prickly pear blossom

chocolate flowers 4-15-2013 10-07-35 AM 2534x1522Wish you could smell these chocolate flowers. They smell exactly like chocolate!

magenta hedgehogs 4-15-2013 10-04-50 AM 3510x2083Magenta hedgehog blossoms

Blooming prickly pear 4-15-2013 10-28-57 AM 3177x2652And beautiful Engelmann’s prickly pear in almost-full bloom!


  1. Beautiful post as always. We are bursting with spring colors here too -- but different. Dogwoods, azaleas and redbuds are all competing for our attention out the kitchen window. Me! Me! Pick me! Actually, we picked a couple early blooming roses.

  2. Actually, the roses at my house are still looking good, though that won't last. I am so grateful to the universe for! providing so much beauty!

  3. Stunning. Sweet vireo. I have the dove in the garage again. Guess she's laid another egg or two. Or someone got her spot. It is a beautiful time of year.

    1. Probably the same. I have no proof, but I'm pretty sure that they use the same spot over and over if they are successful, partly because there is such high mortality among the chicks (and eggs). I'm certain the "genius" dove at TCP is the same one I've been seeing for three or four years, and likewise for the white-winged in my carport.

  4. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Great post. It was a beautiful morning to be roving Tohono Chul and you captured it. Sue

    1. Thanks! It's always fun to rove with you.