Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Costa’s Brothers

2humsA 9-25-2010 5-54-01 PM 3616x2712
Last September, I wrote about these two juvenile Costa’s hummingbirds who were uneasily sharing a feeder in our rose garden that hangs from a clothesline. This is such unusual hummer behavior that I thought they might be nest-mates who still shared a bond of sorts.
This week, a pair of full-grown Costa’s hummers were sharing the same clothesline and the same feeder. See the picture below. My speculation is even wilder: could these be the same two birds from last year, still traveling together and still “sharing” to the extent that a hummingbird can share?
Costas2 5-25-2011 5-01-54 PM 2447x1044