Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sonoran Spring Beauty

This time of year is breathtaking throughout the Tucson area. Hiking in a desert canyon can be like stepping into a medieval millefleurs tapestry. Our yards and medians have erupted in color. Courting and nesting birds are everywhere, as are butterflies of all sizes. Please join me for a brief walk in Tohono Chul Park for a small taste of what I see every day.
One of the new entry paths into the Park, lined with Parry's penstemon
Brittle bush grows in profusion everywhere, on easements, in washes, in yards, and throughout the Park
Penstemons appear to be growing from this ocotillo, which will send out its own blooms any day now
Gorgeosity in the Sundial Plaza, along with a scrap-metal vulture
Blackfoot daisies line several paths
Hedgehogs are the first cacti to bloom; these are Boyce-Thompson variety
These lovely flowers are new to me this year: Baby's Bonnet
On the way out of the Park, let's stop for a close look at these beautiful tufted evening primroses
But wait! There's more! Here's a look at late spring from last year, with a different cast but just as much beauty.