Monday, September 30, 2013

50 Shades of Green

The belated monsoonal rains at the beginning of the month led to some of these sights at Tohono Chul Park during this last week of September.

Weird mushrooms 1-12-2013 2-14-26 PM 4608x3456Nobody I spoke to could identify these strange mushrooms growing in one of the wildflower beds. To me, they look like melted fried eggs.

Cereus fruit 1-12-2013 1-46-04 PM 2893x1828Night-blooming cereus fruit are evident on all the desert trails.

Queens on Milkweed1 1-26-2013 2-00-36 PM 3252x3303BButterflies are everywhere—these Queens are enjoying a sip of milkweed nectar.

50 Shades of Green 1-26-2013 1-44-04 PM 4296x2353…and the well-hydrated desert has turned 50 Shades of Green.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

End of Monsoon Confusion

The monsoon has wound down after several last-minute storms at the beginning of the month. Right now most plants are green, and many blooms have sprung up from the unexpected rain. For example, one of my lemon trees is in bloom (it is beautiful, but not very bright).

At Tohono Chul Park, there are flowers and greenery everywhere. Some of the plants, like the palms in our new, still-unfinished Palm Habitat, look a little out of place.

Unfinished Palm habitat 1-9-2013 1-33-35 PM 4519x2725

The kidneywood is in bloom again, and the scent is so heavenly it is worth a trip to the Park just to smell it. (It’s near the front, just behind the Five Seasons Garden.)

Kidneywood and bees 1-9-2013 1-31-23 PM 2770x2990

This caterpillar, which I believe may be a Gulf Fritillary, seemed very confused, evidently assuming the electrical cord he walked round and round on was a vine.

Xmas light caterpillar 1-9-2013 1-22-46 PM 2888x2825