Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumnal Quail Update

autumn day in the garden 9-22-2009 6-46-39 AM 2304x1728

Today is the first day of Fall, and the temps are peaking in the low to mid nineties, with dry air, so it’s very pleasant. The baby quails are mostly grown up now.  Some families were very successful, and raised ten or more chicks. Some of the chicks have full adult plumage (and look very handsome), while others are still sort of mottled as their adult feathers continue to come in.

The hawk shield has apparently been figured out by at least one hawk; yesterday afternoon I found a big pile of feathers under it. I think the victim was a white wing.

The dorm tree is still open for business. The other day I counted thirteen quail heading for it (I didn’t see them fly in). I also, for the first time, watched from the room behind the tree as two quails flew into the tree. As soon as they reached the branches they disappeared, except for a little movement of leaves.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Monsooner or later

wildclouds 7-25-2009 11-47-21 AM 2223x1578We’ve gotten a few calls from people back east wanting to know what we’re doing about the hurricane. The answer is: thanking the Universe for it. August went down as one of the driest and hottest on record. We did get one major cloudburst here producing over an inch of water in about half an hour, but that was pretty much it for the month.

clouds whitewing2

So now, Hurricane Jimena’s remnants are moving in. Last night the clouds dumped half an inch of rain, which for us is a lot. It’s supposed to rain throughout the weekend. And temps will be below 100. I can’t wait!

Quail update: I just discovered that someone severely pruned the dorm tree behind without my knowledge. I don’t think there’s space for anyone to roost in it now. I’ll try to take a look one of these evenings.