Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whitewings nesting

A big tentlike canvas structure shades the Overlook, which is where we meet for all Park tours, and where we hold Reptile Ramble. Yesterday I watched a pair of whitewing doves building a nest atop one of the pillars that holds up the shade.
Daddy & Mommy2 7-25-2011 9-40-15 AM 2873x1203
White winged doves building nest

Daddy’s on the left; mom is on the right. She stayed on the nest the whole time I watched, alternately moving the twigs around, fluffing the nest, and resting.
She's patiently waiting 7-25-2011 9-34-33 AM 3616x2712
Female white-winged on nest

Meanwhile, her mate went searching for twigs to bring her. He was very, very particular—one might even say a bit OCD. I watched him pick up and reject dozens of twigs from several gardens around the Overlook. When he found one he liked, he would take it to her and place it on the nest. She always immediately moved it to a different spot while he took off to search again.
there've got to be some somewhere 7-25-2011 9-45-25 AM 2840x1881
Male white winged dove
“There’s got to be one around here somewhere….”
Nothing here.... 7-25-2011 9-46-11 AM 3616x2712
Male white winged dove
“Nope. Nothing in here.”

Finally, he made his way to the area underneath the nest, where a handful of dropped sticks lay.
These look good! 7-25-2011 9-47-36 AM 3616x2712
Male white winged dove
“Say, these look good!”
This one! 7-25-2011 9-47-50 AM 3616x2712
Male white winged dove
“This one is perfect!”
He's got the goods 7-25-2011 9-53-28 AM 1076x974
Male white winged dove with nesting material

He’s got the goods!

“Here I come, sweetie!”
Daddy and Mommy 7-25-2011 9-48-38 AM 1174x803
Male and female white winged doves on nest


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  1. Very sharp! And so are the photos.